After Care


Soft bristle hairbrushes are recommended, and will leave hair shiny and in optimum condition. Begin brushing at the ends, progressing to the mid length, and finally the root area. Be gentle and avoid snagging the hair. For sleeping, gently tie hair back in a loose braid or twist; this will help prevent tangles and knots occurring overnight. Avoid brushing curly hair when the hair is dry. For better results wet the hair and apply leave in conditioner before bushing.


Brush hair thoroughly, then soak with warm water. Avoid tipping hair forward and always wash from the crown down. Distribute your normal amount of Sulphate free shampoo at the root area. Gently massage in small circles over the scalp; this will cleanse both the natural hair and your extensions. Take a hands-off approach to mid-lengths and ends as these will be cleansed sufficiently during the rinsing process. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Pay particular attention to the bond area to ensure thorough rinsing.


To condition we recommend applying Hair conditioner every time you wash your hair. Target the mid-lengths and ends only, not the scalp or bonds. Gently massage and distribute thoroughly. You can brush the ends using your soft bristled brush. This helps ensure every hair’s coated thoroughly with conditioner. Leave on for between a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. Once conditioned, rinse thoroughly with warm water. For curly hair apply leave in conditioner and allow hair to air dry. All hair must be air dried for better results.


We recommend heat protectant hair serum only for Straight and Body Wave hair. For curly hair leave in conditioner, hair serum & water.

Styling products are generally extensions-friendly. However, when using serums, use sparingly.



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